The Sea’s Dream
The sea’s dream is the ship, endless
travelers in tandem with the sun.
The sea’s dream is the ship fleeing
an hourglass emptiness, still unknowing;
only the albatross, lumbering silently overhead,
sees the synecdoche of peopled architecture:
red-cushioned mouth, undone bow-tie,
grim hoodie on deckwatch.
The sea’s dream is the ship heading into evening,
percussionists playing silence from the shore;
those battened behind stare as the apparition surges             
beyond vision.
The ship traces patterns of freedom
over an ocean planet,
over the ballet of manta ray
and slow-falling fish,
everlasting underwater flights,
soaring from equator to pole.
The sea’s language is a thousand harmonies
of a thousand shores, phosphorescent writings
over ebb and flow,
Trailing the ship, a single raft kneels
under nicotined moonlight, inviting travelers
to kiss the sea’s ever-changing reflection,
unfold vestigial gills and fly
down, down, down to the sea’s secret garden,
our deepest memory.
The sea’s dream is the ship, a siren  
endlessly luring travelers back 
to the beginning.

Afric McGlinchey

The Irish poet Afric McGlinchey grew up partly in Africa. She edits books, writes reviews and gives online poetry workshops at Her poems have been published in various journals, including The Shop, Southword, Moth, Poetry Ireland Review, Magma, Northern Liberties Press, The Same and Acumen. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and highly commended in the Magma, North West Words and Dromineer poetry competitions. She received the Northern Liberties poetry prize in 2012. Her début collection, "The lucky star of hidden things, was published in 2012 (Salmon Poetry). In 2011, she won a Hennessy Poetry Award.


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