Leaving with the Geese

When a man is not loved well,
he turns his own love
toward things that love everyone,
barns with snowy roofs,
ice covered lakes,
bold geese leaving
their homes in odd formations,
things and happenings
that bare their hearts to the world.

When a man is not loved well,
he leaves home to sleep 
in the dense music
that hides in the earth.
When the time is right,
he leaves with the geese,
ascending like the shrill cries
of crickets, loving 
a life which
his world has never shown him.

Corbin Buff

Corbin Buff is a writer of poems and stories currently based in northeastern Pennsylvania. He has poetry forthcoming in The Lowdown - A Literary Arts Annual, an anthology edited by Robert M. Zoschke. He has a deep love for nature and solitude, and most of his poems express this affinity. This is Corbin's first publication in a literary magazine.


03/16/2014 7:18pm

I just love this. It felt like home, and then I read that this was by a fellow Pennsylvanian. Really nicely done.

Robert M. Zoschke
04/19/2014 11:06am

A very fine poem from a very real talent just launching himself
on the poetry landscape.

Jude Genereaux
04/28/2014 10:29am

The depth of insight and emotion in this poem, rocks me. Such adeptness generally takes years to refine and lure to the surface, but it seems to leap from this young writer. He has a great future ahead of him.


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